PIX Content Nodes

Video PIX Content Node
Import a video from Photos, Files or Camera.


Library Button

Select an video from your Photos library.
- Info: Select Video

Files Button

Select a video from Files.
- Info: Select Video

Camera Button

Captrue an video from the camera (popup).
- Info: Capture Video

Play Toggle

Starts video playback.
- Default: true

Restart Button

Restarts video playback.
- Info: Restart

Stop Button

Stops video playback.
- Info: Stop

Cue Toggle

Enables timeline control.
- Default: false

Cue Point Value

Scrubs the timeline.
- Default: 0.0
- Min: 0.0, Max: 1.0, Step: 1.0

Volume Value

- Default: 1.0
- Min: 0.0, Max: 1.0, Step: 0.25

Pixel View Interpolation Array Segment

Interpolation mode of the pixels. Visible in low resolution textures. This will not effect the output.
- Default: Linear
- Options: Linear, Trilinear, Nearest