PIX Effect Nodes

Displace PIX Effect Node
Displaces or distorts the first input texture with the second input texture.


Distance Value

How far the first input texture will be displaced, multiplied with the luminance of the second input texture.
- Default: 1.0
- Min: 0.0, Max: 2.0, Step: 0.5

Origin Value

The start point of the seconds input textures luminace for displacement.
- Default: 0.5
- Min: 0.0, Max: 1.0, Step: 0.5

Placement Array Segment

Places the second input texture relative to the first texture.
- Default: Aspect Fit
- Options: Fill, Aspect Fit, Aspect Fill, Center

Extend Array Segment

Extends the pixels outside of the oringal bounds of the second input texture.
- Default: Hold
- Options: Hold, Zero, Loop, Mirror

Pixel View Interpolation Array Segment

Interpolation mode of the pixels. Visible in low resolution textures. This will not effect the output.
- Default: Linear
- Options: Linear, Trilinear, Nearest