PIX Effect Nodes

Edge PIX Effect Node
Highlight the edges of the input texture.


Strength Value

Brightens the edges.
- Default: 10.0
- Min: 0.0, Max: 10.0, Step: 10.0

Distance Value

Scales the edges.
- Default: 1.0
- Min: 0.0, Max: 10.0, Step: 10.0

Colored Toggle

- Default: false

Transparent Toggle

Applies the edges to the alpha channel.
- Default: false

Include Alpha Toggle

Calculates the edge also based on alpha.
- Default: false

Pixel View Interpolation Array Segment

Interpolation mode of the pixels. Visible in low resolution textures. This will not effect the output.
- Default: Linear
- Options: Linear, Trilinear, Nearest