PIX Effect Nodes

Resolution PIX Effect Node
Changes the resolution of the input texture.


Resolution Array List

- Default: 540p
- Options: 540p, 720p, 1080p, iPad in Portrait, iPad in Landscape, iPad 10.2‑inch in Portrait, iPad 10.2‑inch in Landscape, iPad Pro 10.5‑inch in Portrait, iPad Pro 10.5‑inch in Landscape, iPad Pro 11‑inch in Portrait, iPad Pro 11‑inch in Landscape, iPad Pro 12.9‑inch in Portrait, iPad Pro 12.9‑inch in Landscape, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, Custom

Resolution Width Step

The resolution width in pixels.
- Default: 960
- Min: 1.0, Max: 3000.0

Resolution Height Step

The resolution height in pixels.
- Default: 540
- Min: 1.0, Max: 3000.0

Limited Resolution Button

Limited to the bounds of 1000x1000
- Info: Unlock HD Resolution

Placement Array Segment

Places the input texture in various ways if the aspect ratio is a missmatch.
- Default: Aspect Fit
- Options: Fill, Aspect Fit, Aspect Fill, Center

Extend Array Segment

Extends the pixels of the input texture in areas outside the orignal coordinates. Visible when using placement.
- Default: Zero
- Options: Hold, Zero, Loop, Mirror

Interpolation Array Segment

Interpolates scaled pixels. Visible when scaling up the resolution of the input texture.
- Default: Linear
- Options: Nearest, Linear

Pixel View Interpolation Array Segment

Interpolation mode of the pixels. Visible in low resolution textures. This will not effect the output.
- Default: Linear
- Options: Linear, Trilinear, Nearest